Spec Ops - Cascadia

Plot Synopsis

This is probably about 80% accurate

A brief overview of our story thus far.

It all began in the mountains of colorado. You two and the other members of the Cascadian Special Forces were tasked with the dead or alive capture of the known terrorist Dr. John P for his role in the destruction of the DC metropolitan area and the destruction of the United States.

The mission started off poorly when the helicopter carrying you, Suzan, Karen, and two special forces pilots was hit by enemy anti aircraft fire. THe unnamed copilot was killed by the fire, and it was only due to the skill of Cynthia Baker and the help of Warnock that further disaster was avoided.

After a long hike an assault on the bunker-base of Dr. P was started by blue team with your red team arriving late to the party. Yellow team provided sniper and drone support from a nearby hill.

After a pause in the initial assault you were surprised to learn that some of the defenders were not human, but what appeared to be fantasy orcs. The assault continued and your teams efficiently cleared the base, killing everyone in your way save for 2 scientists who were VERY lucky to have been found by warnock instead of edgar. These scientists were Dr. Andre Dubuque and Dr. Alton Seawood.

During the final phase of the assault, Red team commanded by Edgar assaulted the main control room where Dr. P was fervently working while blue team commanded by Warnock assaulted a large spherical chamber you would later learn was the catalyst device.

At the last second, Dr. P set off his last fail safe and set off a transdimensional jump. A combination of your own lack of conditioning and Dr. P’s intentional design, everyone but him was knocked unconscious during the jump. After the base arrived at its next location, he brought his trusted second in command Cissila Ch’un to watch over and guide the team while he returned to DC through the catalyst device’s sub use. It is important to note here that the entire base can be transported, or the catalyst chamber can be activated to create a smaller door at it’s entrance for small scale transport.

The player’s and their teams awoke later to find the base deserted save for themselves and the two doctors. With your communications down you frantically began to collect the prisoners and exfiltrate the base. However, when you reached the top floor of the base you found that it was no longer in colorado, but surrounded by a glowing bubble.

Like good soldiers you collected yourself, took inventory, and began to bury the dead while you planned your next move. After exploring the base you found the information network to be destroyed, but you were able to sus together enough information and equipment, despite your only two prisoners still being unconscious, to begin your first extra-bubble mission.

After leaving the bubble you found yourselves in a strange land that reminded you of home but not quite. You would encounter two groups of natives who bore strong resemblance to the Romans and Goths of ancient european history. You first contacted the Goths and found out from them that they wanted help from a nearby witch who would be able to help them defeat the soon-to-be attacking romans. You also found out that these goths worshipped a large blue meteorite that you would later learn was the fuel for trans-dimensional travel, Loadstone.

You then go and speak with the witch. You find a small metal hut in the woods of modern construction. Entre Cissila Chu’un. At this time you believe her to be an interdimensional prospector with blue skin and red eyes who seems aloof and to be a bit immature. She offers to help you get your trans dimensional base running in exchange for some of the loadstone that the Goths have.

After a failed night time assault on the gothic base to steal the stone, you instead opt to help them by thwarting the destruction of their home by the roman legions. You and your team spring a trap that sees the romans decimated just after committing to the assault on the village, leveling the playing field. You participate in the final battle killing the two roman commanders.

Unfortunately, the Gothic homestead is destroyed. The final outcome of this arc is that your leave with the loadstone, Cissila Chun, The Gothic Blacksmith Ulrich, and the Roman Cook Cicero whom you found when looting the roman baggage train, along with a substantial amount of money and cosplay material.

After returning to base you found the two Dr.’s to be awake again. While Cissila Fixed your base (I forgot to mention that someone had destroyed it right after waking up cough Edgar cough). They informed you of the ‘science’ you were now working with and Dr. Andres gave you both tattoos that would allow you to speak and hear any language after hearing it for a few minutes as if you were a native speaker. He informs you that this is only works on you because you are special people, which you interpret to mean ‘wildcards’.

With everything repaired you then make your second jump and find yourselves on a harsh desert world. You are anchored in a small deserted farmstead in the desert wastes. You encounter a strange people that appear to be stoney lizardfolk called pablonians. They are reminiscent of the Pueblo indians of South central america. They beseech you for help as large black masses and ill omens have begun appearing in their world.

After gaining the help of a puebloan shaman (geoff) you make your way east to their central hub mesa to consult with their high priests. Mesa is a hollowed out volcano, the inside of which has orchards and rivers running through it. These high priests inform you that there is something wrong with the snake god Ik’Thama who resides in the mountains far to the north. Ik’Thama was their god of creation and rebirth, a motif often associated with snakes in animist cultures due to their shedding skin. They implore you to kill Ik’Thama in exchange for the mystical blue stones that line the walls of their temple, which you know to be lodestone

Before you can leave the mesa, an assault is launched by a group of steampunk era imperials. THey are the same race as the pueblonians but their skin is smoother. Unlike the pueblonians they have firearms and vehicles. After repelling the assault you head north to commune with the snake god. The journey is rough and you fend off attacks by the imperials while also encountering a sticky black ichor bubbling up through the ground that you realize is oil but that the pueblonians call the blood of Ik’Thama.

You are informed by the pueblonians on your travel that there are ages of creation which pass when Ik’Thama dies and is reborn. During the last phase of creation, their goddess was killed battling Ik’Thama and returned to the sky, adding a second sun to their sky and causing the harsh desert conditions they now experience. The corruption they now see indicates that they are on the verge of a new era that can only occur if Ik’Thama is killed. The two suns are even beginning to unspool and the smaller one appears to be getting eaten by the larger.

Your knowledge of science and the natural world tells you that this is a binary star system that used to be a single star system that must have trapped a smaller wandering red dwarf star. It was now entering a Type 1a supernova that would surely destroy this planet in a short period of time.

You make your way north to the temple of Ik’Thama. Due to the temple’s security systems only Edgar, Warnock, and Geoff(I forgot his character name) make it inside to see Ik’Thama. A massive battle ensues in which Ik’Thama changes between his human, winged serpent, and massive serpent forms nearly killing Geoff and Edgar. After the battle left the temple. There is now only one sun in the sky showing the final signs of going supernova.

As you drive south past where your base entrance is, you find the pueblonians from Geoff’s village in the small farm. You find out that the imperials have begun a full scale assault on the pueblonians via airship. These refuges are all that is left of their village. You begin the slow process of evacuating them to your base as the imperials that were trailing them begin to assault your. You successfully evacuate everyone and head south.

You find the mesa to be under assault. In a daring move you ambush a crew of Imperials that are being dropped off by vertibird helicopter. You assault the massive airship above the messa. You fight your way along the blimp, until you reach the cockpit where a fat imperial and his crew control the assault, he is flanked by a tall sturdy man with blue skin and red eyes wearing a shirt and tie with a flak jacket over top. You kill everyone but the unnamed chiss in the room and the blimp slowly crashes into the ground just before you can pull the trigger on the mysterious chiss running the show.

After their command blimp is destroyed the imperials retreat and you have won the day. You are unable to find the Chiss’s body, but you do find his left leg trapped under rubble. You collect your lodestone and equipment for the pablonians on your base and leave, knowing that this world will soon be consumed by a supernova.

With no clues on what to do next, but plenty of fuel, Cissila recommends you contact an info broker. On your way to the info broker your base is attacked by a large molten stag. It had never occurred to you that things could come through the barrier from the other side.

The info broker is located in a small pocket dimension along with a black market pawn shop. At the pawn shop you trade all of your ‘loot’ for a few stray items and what you realize is a copy of the declaration of independence.

The info broker offers to give you the location of washington DC so that you may jump there and the location of your quarry Dr. P. In exchange you must kidnap or assassinate a member of the Yutani Corporation on a developed world. You take this wet works job.

You enter into a world that appears to be similar to 1960’s america with sprinklings of modern technology. It is a world that has had it’s development accelerated by the interdimensional corporations. The Yutani Corporation has grown tired of one of their own executives who works on this planet. He is a hedonist and has been caught embezzling money and resources whoring around on this planet instead of managing.

The plan is simple, you are to assault him and his bodyguards using Black Knight weapons and leave as many of them at the scene as possible. The company insurance policy covers corporate espionage. You work with a local resistance group who does not understand your true motives, they think you are there to help free their planet from the grip of the corporations.

You successfully pull off an ambush on a busy city street, killing the guards and kidnapping the exec before escaping in a getaway car. During the ensuing police chase the exec in the trunk is killed in a crash, oops. You escape mission . . . accomplished?

The info broker holds up her end of the deal and you find out that Dr. P is in DC, and it’s location. You make the jump. During the jump you are ‘pulled over’ by a LoneStar Police officer who wants your license and registration for making unregistered hyper jumps. You kill him and his droid partner.

When you arrive at the DC jump point there is one major difference, your base is not in a bubble, it is in the world. It now resides as an island in the middle of a lake. As you are getting your bearings multiple helicopters approach and hover while one lands. Out of the helicopter steps Dr. P. At this point you find out that Cissila has been a deep cover agent for Dr. P. You board the helicopter with Cissila and head to DC to meet the president.

The new president of the District thanks you for your service and assigns you a standard special forces mission to help secure the city. You are tasked with putting down a group of bandits to the far north. After returning to base you collect your team and leave on the mission.

During the mission you find out that the district has gone farther back to the US’s roots than most are comfortable with. The ‘bandits’ are actually indigenous slaves who have been captured and forced to work on plantations as the district expands across this new world. Instead of working to eliminate these bandits you opt instead to destroy one of the plantations and give it over to them in exchange for their loyalty.

Upon returning you are summoned back to DC where you are browbeaten by the secretary of defense who informs you that failed missions have their consequences. Instead of investing resources into flying you back north, you are given train tickets and materials to build a ferry dock to your base and told that your next mission would come over the radio.

Before leaving DC you are given a mysterious package that informs you that an agent of the resistance will contact you. This agent turns out to be Dr. P who, despite being a high level advisor to the president, is actually the leader of the DC resistance. Dr. P informs you that his goal is to return DC to the earth and restore the US to a single union. He believes that one or more of the interdimensional corporations is getting ready to infiltrate the earth as they have done so many other worlds, and wants to do something about it. You agree, at least on the surface, to help him with this goal.

As you approach your home, a short range radio signal crackles through your radios informing you that the base is under attack by local fauna. You make your way across the lake and assault your own base, which is under siege by large crustaceans that live in the lake. You find a family of pueblonians who tell you that the assault started the night after you left the base. They tell you that there was an explosion and suddenly the monsters were attacking. You now know that this explosion was the radio tower being destroyed.

CiCi and the majority of the base’s inhabitants have constructed a barricade of shipping containers and are actively fending off assaults down in the base. You are tasked with closing a tunnel that the creatures have made into the rec room. After killing a train sized lobster/scorpion you close the hole. Warnock’s ears tip him off to a device making a horrible noise.

The device is in the kitchen next to a dead Cicero. Unlike all of the other dead bodies around you, which have been ripped and mangled by massive claws and jaws, Cicero has a single stab wound about 1 inch wide at the base of his skull. The device is emitting a terrible high frequency noise. You call in CiCi who shuts it off, and informs you that it is a neural agitator made by the Black Knight corporation. As we begin our session Edgar, Warnock, and CiCi stand in the kitchen over the corpse of Cicero.


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