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Peaches has served in the military since 2015 when he joined the Washington National Guard fresh out of High school along with his three best friends Aaron, Tank, and Dick. Peaches studied Nursing at Washington State University Vancouver.

After The Fracture , Peaches was conscripted into the Newly formed Cascadian Military. Peaches had numerous run-ins with authority figures and never rose above the rank E2

During The Battle of Ashland, Peaches was attached to the 4th Engineering Regiment as an infantry Medic. Peaches was on-board a Blackhawk Helicopter that crash landed on the west bank of Emigrant Lake and carried the pilot 2 miles to safety before returning alone against the wishes of his commanding officer to rescue Dick.

Peaches and the other members of the Cascadian Special Forces have been MIA since the attempted capture of the Known Terrorist Dr. John Przychodzien.



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