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Dick has served in the military since 2015 when he joined the Washington National Guard fresh out of High school along with his three best friends Aaron, Tank, and Peaches. Dick studied Criminal Justice at Portland State University.

After The Fracture , Dick was conscripted into the Newly formed Cascadian Military. Dick was considered by fellow soldiers to be a quiet, authoritative figure.

During The Battle of Ashland, Dick was attached to the 2nd Combat Search And Rescue Wing as a Blackhawk Crew Chief. He received the Cascadian Medal of Valour for his actions at the battle. After his Blackhawk was shot down on the west bank of Emigrant Lake along Highway 66, Dick held off advanced Californian Recon teams while the rest of the crew escaped to safety. After the battle Dick was treated for 14 bullet wounds and had nearly 1kg of shrapnel removed from his body by surgeons.

Dick and the other members of the Cascadian Special Forces have been MIA since the attempted capture of the Known Terrorist Dr. John Przychodzien.



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