D 10 Strength | D10 Athletics | D8 Intimidate | Edge: Hose Em’ Down

Aaron has served in the military since 2015 when he joined the Washington National Guard fresh out of High school along with his three best friends, DIck, Tank, and Peaches. Aaron attended community college and pursued a career as a firefighter until the The Cataclysm.

After The Fracture , Aaron was conscripted into the Newly formed Cascadian Military. Aaron distinguished himself as a fearless combatant who was always willing to take on the most difficult jobs rather than allow his squad mates to go into harms way.

During The Battle of Ashland, Aaron was attached to the 2nd Combat Search And Rescue Wing as a para security member. He received the Cascadian Medal of Valor for his work engaging a Californian Mechanized Platoon alone, allowing engineers time to set and detonate explosives to block I-5 south of Ashland Oregon, Giving the Cascadian 1st Army under the Command of Gen. Kyle Schwab enough time to set up their defenses in the surprise Cascadian-California Border Conflict.

Some theorize that if the Californian Army had been able to invade past Ashland, Cascadia would not have been able to force a peace settlement and truce.

Aaron and the other members of the Cascadian Special Forces have been MIA since the attempted capture of the Known Terrorist Dr. John Przychodzien.



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